Keri Paadimehe sviit

Keri hotel has two rooms. The Sailors Suite has one double bed and the other room has 6 bed places. In the hotel there are bed sheets and the only kitchen in the house can be used by everyone. 

The Sailors Suite costs 60 euros per night. 

The other room is 50 euros or 15 euros per bed.

For booking please check the availability in the calendar. 

Contact the local island guard on the phone +372 5981 7421 or write

If you have more people, no need to worry, there is plenty of room for everyone. 

Washing is in sauna. Sauna costs 20 euros + firewood 12 euros a bag. You are welcome to bring your own firewood. 

Camping is free of charge.

Paadimehe sviitPaadimehe sviitPaadimehe sviitPaadimehe sviit


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